Currently under construction...

Hello, this is my first time creating a website (personal space on the web!!) I know it looks a bit wonky at the moment but I have not yet figured out how I want to specifically decorate the home page layout. So for the moment bare with me...

Some silly things about me is that I am a computer science major (north america). I have many projects I would like to share! As well as use this internet space to help me let go of branded social media. My main goal for this website is to share my writings, book/ movie reviews, and art progress. I will also include helpful links from website that I find helpful when navigating throughout the web!

I believe that us(web users) should reclaim the internet as a space to express interest and explore new ideas! I am SICK of articles and services being held against a paywall. The internet has turned into an advertisement purgatory. Obviously I am one person and cannot force everyone around me to adapt to creating personal spaces on the web, but I hope to find mutuals who express the same views! (so I don't lose my sanity).

Earlier I mentioned writings that I wanted to share on my neocities. To elaborate, I love and I mean LOVE PHILOSOPHY and theory. Before the rule of branded social media and the need of fitting into a superficial quota, I loved to write. Whether it be short stories, essays, and my own theory thesis's. Erm by theory thesis its mostly my interpretations of philosophical/ political theory books that I have read. Plus what better space to share my writings other than directly my neocities!

I would like to address the ART and MEDIA option tags above. Firstly, I am not much of a creative person. I am very logical and it pains me... unless its world building for stories.... CREATIVE AS IN EXPRESSIVE THROUGH VISUAL/ AUDITORY ART. I want to learn to make pixel art and music. With the arts tab I want to be able to post my progress with my art creation process. Now what about media? Well, I want to share my photography and favorite internet media I come across! I want to share art/ music created by other artist that I like!

Sorry that the site is scuffed at the moment. Like mentioned before, its my first time creating a neocities and learning HTML/CSS. I'll add more soon!

CYA ~ Solar